Marketing and PR

PR and Marketing that Move the Needle

Led by senior marketing and PR pros, we immerse ourselves in your business, becoming a virtual extension of your team. Our goal is nothing less than extraordinary results for you.

Our Services

We close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. We help you achieve tangible success, when and where you need it.

Our services include:

Press and analyst relations

Comprehensive PR and analyst services for start-ups to established, public, global organizations. We know what makes a story, how to package and differentiate it, and how to best work with your team, partners and customers to secure coverage that makes a difference to your business.

Sales and marketing content development

What you say about your company, how you say it and how you package it determine whether your value proposition is effectively conveyed and whether your audiences are intrigued enough to take the next steps. We are excellent, seasoned writers who quickly create succinct, compelling materials that support and further your business.


Clear, persuasive messages that resonate with your audiences, differentiate you from the competition, and compel action—whether they are press/analysts writing about you or prospective customers or partners picking up the phone to learn more about your offerings.

Business Communications

Employees and partners are your face to the world; they must be in alignment with what your executive and marketing teams are conveying. Customers must feel secure in their relationship with you, confident in your products and services, and knowledgeable about your roadmap. And, of course, shareholders need an accurate, timely picture of your business.

We help you craft communications to ensure all your audiences understand your key messages and have a strong sense of where your business is heading, so that prospective customers—and influencers like press and analysts—hear consistent, on-point messages to help you reach your highest potential.

We help you clearly identify pain points that your customers will pay to have solved, articulate value in ways that make target audiences take action, prioritize initiatives according to what will move the needle fastest, and deliver high-impact results that meet immediate and longer-term goals.

About Us

We are known for smart, focused PR, marketing and communications that help technology and professional services businesses achieve critical milestones.

Companies turn to us when…

  • Messaging, branding and marketing/sales tools are outdated or not compelling
  • You need greater results from marketing and public relations investments
  • You’re launching strategic new products and services, or entering new markets
  • Prospects and industry influencers don’t have you on their radar screens
  • You need to raise your profile with channel and other strategic partners
  • You must quickly augment limited marketing staff