Finance, Operations and IT Strategy

Today’s businesses demand real-world results. We help you predictably leverage your precious capital and resources into business value through senior IT, finance and operational strategy. We focus on systems integration and product management in consumer, healthcare, financial services and public/private domains.

Our Services

We help you connect today to tomorrow with realistic, high success-rate strategies and plans that are tied to your vision and capabilities, and conservative and risk-managed financial ability to execute.

Our services include:

IT Strategy

Full lifecycle IT integration and software implementation and development strategy and planning, including business vision alignment, portfolio management, initiative planning and implementation, budgeting and quality oversight.

Finance Strategy

Business financial and capitalization strategy, modelling, and analysis services, including price and cost modelling, ROI and cost justification analysis, make/buy decision support, procurement and initiative budget oversight.

Operational Strategy

We provide business operations strategy, process design, change management, and ongoing planning and oversight to keep operations in alignment with finance, marketing, product and service development.

We help you develop, prioritized, validate, and monitor strategic plans to optimize your capitalization as your business evolves from startup, through growth and transition stages. We provide independent verification and validation services to ensure your plans stay on track and in alignment with key measures. We help identify and mitigate risks and issues and manage business change in ways that keep your vision and operations in alignment with your customer requirements. Now and for the future, it’s what we do, for you.

About Us

Recognized as agile team players in the boardroom, in operations, and in the field. Strong communicators. Technical, operations, and financial leadership. Partners in business development. Implementation of enterprise Agile/DevOps methodologies.

Turn to us when…

  • Your technical initiatives are business critical and unanticipated changes and delays risk failure
  • You are making significant investment into new growth or business change and want outside, objective support for and oversight of the initiative
  • Your finance, operations, product and development investments need to be brought into alignment on an ongoing basis
  • You need to develop and coordinate capital intensive programs with partners and third-parties