Multifamily Rentals: Key Factors To Consider

Buying multifamily rentals can be the most lucrative form of real estate investing. It is important to get a thorough understanding of all of the components of your purchase before committing, and sometimes the smallest details can determine whether you will be successful or unsuccessful in your venture.


Target a Property from a Number of Factors


More complex than just weighing pros and cons, the benefit to multifamily rentals is that you are securing multiple units in one property in one location. The external factors will be relatively controlled as every unit shares the same neighborhood, property taxes, and common rental rates. With these factors in mind, major issues left to consider are mortgage rates for the property, expenses, and cash flow. The ability to research and synthesize all of these details and figures will be extremely beneficial in increasing your real estate investment savvy, particularly with multifamily rentals.


Separate the List Price from the Ideal Price


Find out what the list price is for the particular property and determine using your own system and metrics what price would make that property worth it to purchase. Unless you are really excited by a particular listing, calculate with yourself whether you would pay a certain amount for an amazing property, or even if the property isn’t amazing yet in itself.


Negotiations will be Unique and Flexible


No two negotiations are alike, and there is no right or wrong way to approach your initial property proposal, particularly considering that no seller is the same. People will respond to different approaches in different ways, and similarly, negotiations processes can occur verbally or on paper with any number of different stages of back-and-forth responses.


Have Exit Strategies


Though a lot of factors will enter into this major commitment, when it comes to financing you don’t want to immediately get yourself into a long-term, serious, deadlocked commitment. Having exit strategies is an important way to manage the unexpected twists and turns that the real estate market can make. Real estate does not have a set list of “rules” for purchasing, and you will need to be flexible especially with multifamily rentals that, though the most profitable, can also contain the most moving parts.


The Takeaway


Finding great properties to pursue as an investor can be a very long, complex process. Nothing is set in stone, though there are a number of ways to ensure the process is carried out as smoothly as possible and with the best possibilities for positive returns and cash flow.


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