Purchase Order Financing to Free Up Cash Flow

If your company produces or sources goods that are pre-sold before you acquire or build them, then purchase order financing provides an ideal way to get the means to service large and unexpected orders immediately, so you are able to move forward and expand your company’s market share.

How It Works

Financing your purchase orders is a simple process. Our associates review your outstanding orders and calculate a cash advance. Then, when you deliver the product and payment is received, the advance is paid back (plus a service fee), and you retain the rest of the payment. This way, you get the capital you need to get started up front, so your business is never slowed down by waiting for payments.

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

  • Grow without increasing bank debt or selling equity
  • Ensure timely delivery to your customers
  • Increase your market share
  • Fulfill larger orders, earning more profit
  • Fast and flexible funding
The terms and provisions offered through purchase order financing are only possible because of the unique financial situation involved in the acquisition or manufacture of pre-sold goods, making it a custom tailored solution to the needs of manufacturing and trade businesses. To learn more about how financing your purchase orders can fuel your company’s growth, talk to n Acquire Capital Plus associate today.