Get Working Capital Quickly With a Merchant Cash Advance

Acquire Capital Plus offers merchant cash advance services that provide your business with up to $200,000 in flexible working capital that can be used to cover expenses, handle seasonal changeovers, or finance remodeling and the expansion of your location.

How MCAs Work

Merchant cash advances are advances based upon your volume of credit card receipts. This means that when you apply for one, it is primarily that volume of business we use to calculate the availability and size of any advance. Once the cash is dispersed to you, repayment is tied to a percentage of credit card receipts, so it flexes with your sales, allowing you to pay quickly when business is booming without getting in the way during slower periods. As your volume of credit card sales increases, the size of future advances accessible to your company also increases.

Program Parameters and Features

  • No application fee
  • No closing costs
  • Flexible payments, never fixed
  • No loss of equity in the business
  • Easy payback structured to meet your needs
When it’s time to put quick cash into your business so you can turn things around and get ready for your next wave of customers, merchant cash advance services make it easy to get everything you need. Talk to one of our associates today to get the application process started.