Healthcare Financing for Working Capital

Our healthcare financing program includes features that are designed to help practices and clinics at every stage of their development, from the initial buy-in of a partner or the establishment of the office to acquisitions, equipment, and supplemental cash flow to improve operations.

Practice Loans

The main staple of our healthcare program, practice loans are designed to provide professionals with flexible working capital that can be used for a variety of purposes, including covering startup expenses and funding expansions. Up to $75,000 is available with just an application, and larger loans of up to $250,000 are available with full disclosures, both with terms of up to 72 months. The capital raised through practice loans can be used to

  • Cover payroll
  • Purchase equipment
  • Pay rents on facilities
  • Cover personal expenses

Medical Equipment Leasing

Medical equipment is substantially different from other kinds of professional equipment, and you can not run your practice without it. That why our medical equipment leasing program allows you to fold in up to 50% to cover soft costs, to ensure you are fully supported.

Buy-In and Acquisition Loans

Loans are also available to help you buy into or absorb existing practices, with amounts up to 100 percent of the purchase amount.

When you need financing that recognizes the unique business model the healthcare industry operates under, talk to an Acquire Capital Plus associate to learn how our program can meet your needs.