Equipment Financing and Leasing Options to Outfit Your Business

No matter what industry you operate in, you need the equipment you need to deliver your goods and services on time and correctly, and that means you need access to equipment financing and leasing options that support your growth. Acquire Capital Plus has created a combination of equipment leasing and traditional financing models designed to help emerging and established companies by meeting their needs.

Financing Tiers

Our rates and application approval windows vary according to the size of your financing needs, but they break down easily into three categories:

  • Under $150,000: Available with just an application.
  • $150,000 to $500,000: Available with application and disclosures.
  • Over $500,000: Available with application and disclosures to qualified applicants.
Regardless of size, our rates and lease options are competitive, and terms of up to 84 months are available.

Leaseback Program

If your company purchases equipment and needs to convert to leasing, or if you have equipment that is paid off and need to raise working capital, then our equipment leaseback program was designed with you in mind. With leasebacks, you sell the equipment for a lump sum while retaining the right to work with it by leasing it back. This provides you with a tax-deductible business expense instead of loan payment overhead, and it also gives you the opportunity to raise funds for other projects.

Startup Program

It can be difficult to access credit when your company has been operating for two years or less, but it is also a vital part of ensuring you have the equipment you need to do the work that will allow you to grow and become sustainable. Acquire Capital Plus understands that, which is why we built a specialized startup program.

B, C, & D Credits

Sometimes, established companies need to restructure and reposition themselves in the marketplace in order to remain competitive. Our B, C, and D credit programs are designed to aid in that restructuring so that you have the resources you need to reach sustainability in your operations.

Get in touch with an associate today, and find out more about our equipment financing program.