Consumer Finance Programs for Your Company

The ability to offer credit directly to your customers is a boon to any business that adopts it. Generally, it means not only closing on larger sales, but also ensuring repeat business and more frequent business as customers manage their credit and stage purchases with that tool in mind. Acquire Capital Plus provides a uniquely flexible consumer finance program designed to work for any company that handles transactions up to $10,000.

This means that whether you are working in high-value retail areas like furniture and jewelry, providing healthcare and dental services, or even extending credit to help with membership and tuition payments, your organization has the support it needs to ensure your customers can access your goods and services.

Program Features and Parameters

  • Financing for applicants with at least a 580 FICO score
  • Incentive programs including six months same as cash
  • E-signature services combined with instant processing and approval
  • Flexible rates and tiered pricing to meet customers’ needs
  • The ability to have us collect on bad debt portfolios
Consumer finance programs are built to provide your company with a secure, accountable method of extending and tracking credit for your customers. Take advantage of the opportunity to grow your sales and get more repeat business today by getting in touch with one of our associates.