Financing Receivables for Better Cash Flow

Cash flow is an issue for companies of all sizes, and often, it makes the difference in tight and competitive markets. Getting the most out of yours, and keeping the best possible cash flow through your business, means finding a way to ease bottlenecks and other issues caused by the timing of payments. When you need to free up some of the cash that is on the books as earned but not yet delivered, that is what factoring is for.

How Accounts Receivable Financing Works

Acquire Capital Plus associates review your outstanding receivables, as well as the past payment histories of your clients, to determine the risk of nonpayment and the likely waiting period before full payment on each account. Then, they determine a cash advance from those calculations. After that, your receivables become our responsibility, and as each one pays, our associates deduct the original advance and our service fee before passing the remainder on to you.

Benefits of Financing Receivables

  • Fast cash without loss of equity
  • No long-term debt
  • No recourse
  • Provides cash to service large or unexpected orders
  • Insurance on your accounts
  • Outsources your receivables and streamlines your operations

If your company’s growth is running at a rate where only its own cash flow is holding it back, talk to an associate today about how accounts receivable financing can help.